Board Design Services

CompuLab partners with Bauer TKP

HAIFA, ISRAEL – April 15, 2010 – CompuLab has signed a partnership agreement with Bauer Turnkey Projects – engineering service contractor company. The partnership between CompuLab and Bauer TKP enables efficient deployment of the CompuLab CoM-based systems, when Bauer customers get all the knowledge, facilities and support CompuLab has to offer.

Bauer TKP engineering services include consulting, schematic design, board layout, BIOS adaptation, prototyping, debugging and integration, production management and ATP setup.

About Bauer Turnkey Projects

Bauer TKP is a private company located in Haifa, Israel. Bauer TKP has over 10 years of experience in building complex electronic devices such as single board computers, computers-on-module and SBC-based systems. Bauer TKP has been appointed as an official solution provider for CompuLab, offering turn-key solutions based on CompuLab’s modules.