“The more I use the iGLX the more I’m impressed with it. It performs as well as full size desktop computers and only takes a couple watts. Low EMI from the computer is very important to us, the iGLX has by far the lowest EMI of everything we have tried. Its got everything we need all integrated together, nobody else has a solution that puts it all together like yours. Other implementations out there that have everything we need take way more power and have features we don’t need and cost a lot more than the iGLX. The low power less expensive ones don’t have all the features we need, we have to add extra boards to get the functionality, which drives up the cost and the power requirements. The iGLX is just right.”
John Swenson, Hovland

“After researching a number of computer modules, we chose the CM-X270 from Compulab …  The CM-X270 provides a very impressive number of features in a very small space. … The CM-X270 has worked very well in this project.  With its low cost, it is a very attractive option for companies wanting to implement advanced functionality in their products … ”
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Cliff Brake, BEC Systems

“I integrated in the Platform Builder the ARM INET Platform and the display driver. I made some tests and built OS images based upon the Web pad template provided by Microsoft. Everything is ok and I must say that the documents and information provided by Compulab are excellent !  It is quite a pleasure to find so well made and helpful documents … “
Frederic Mohier, IPM France

“I want thank you for your help. I was able to investigate and fix my power supply issue the same day. Your response is very appreciated here and theintegration of your CPU continues. You Geode CPU is part of a 30 computer system. The integration has gone really well. Your CPU and docs have been exactly what we have needed and everything has worked as advertised.”
Eric Farque, CDI

“We have received the three 486Core/486Base boards we ordered and they are quite an impressive bit of engineering! One of the engineers here has fired one up and it is really something to see such a little system running Linux. Our hats are off to you!”
Rick Hangartner, Cray Inc.

“The 486CORE you sent to us has arrived at this very moment to our office. I must congratulate you and CompuLab: This is truly a beautiful piece of hardware.”
Luis G. Uribe, Vessing 2000

“We are impressed by your products and the openness and ease of communication thus far.”
David Moschella, adAlive

“We have purchased the development kit. So far I am very impressed with it. The documentation is very complete.”
Scott Boldwyn, Control Net Inc.

“I have reread your e-mails and all’s clear. You guys did a great job. I like the serial number and the preload, that saves us a great deal of time.”
Stan Moravia, Sequoia Voting Systems

“We have successfully evaluated 586 CORE/BASE Eval Kit for our application and received excellent support from your technical people in Israel.”
Tom Dirrig, Cisco Systems

“We finished first step of analyzing 586EVAL, and it looks very well. We can say: The 586CORE/BASE device is a easy, smart product ! ”
Josef Fischer, Axess AG

“I would also like to commend you on your website. It is not often that a site with this level of information is to be found.”
Johan van Wyk, Airwave Technologies