IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS – build-to-order


  • Our online build-to-order service is intended for low volume orders for product testing and prototyping.
  • Compulab production starts assembling and testing the built-to-order units after order is placed. Each unit undergoes full functional testing after assembly.
  • Online ordering quantity is limited to 10 units. For larger quantities please contact sales.


Please choose the options below, set the desired quantity and click add-to-cart.


Lead-time: 3 weeks

  • *CPU

    * other CPU variants are only available with volume orders.

    *RAM and Storage

        Please select RAM and storage combination from the list above.

    *WiFi & Bluetooth


    *Serial I/O add-on A

    *Serial I/O add-on B

    *Serial I/O add-on C

    *Digital I/O add-on D

    *Extension board

    *Power Supply

    *O/S Preloading

    *Temperature range

SKU: IOTG-IMX8PLUS – build-to-order