CompuLab introduces the World’s Smallest Embedded PC

HAIFA, ISRAEL – JULY 22, 1999 – CompuLab introduced today the 486CORE – a tiny module which implements a complete Embedded PC measuring 75 x 54 mm., smaller than a credit card! The functional content of the device is equivalent to a typical fourth-generation desk-top computer’s. The 486CORE is intended to serve as controller and user interface in embedded and mobile systems.
“The 486CORE opens new horizons for the developers of embedded applications,” said Gideon Yampolsky, CompuLab’s Director of Marketing. “Its tiny size and low price means that PC functionality can be embedded virtually anywhere. The off-the-shelf solution provided by the 486CORE dramatically shortens time to market, in comparison with do-it-yourself alternatives.”


About the 486CORE module
The 486CORE comprises AMD’s ElanSC400 CPU, DRAM, Flash ROM, LCD graphics controller, serial ports, infrared interface, general purpose I/O, real-time clock, matrix keyboard controller and all standard PC system logic. Optional functions included are: solid-state disk, interfaces for floppy and hard disks, parallel port and Ethernet with 10BaseT and AUI.
486CORE has ISA, VL and PCMCIA buses. The module is designed either for stand-alone operation (with 486BASE) or for piggy-back attachment to the target card via two miniature 120-pin connectors.
The 486CORE is the fifth member of the CORE module product line introduced by CompuLab in 1997.

Pricing and Availability
The 486CORE module is available today, and is priced starting at $ 98 for 1,000-unit quantities.

About CompuLab
Established in 1992, CompuLab Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacturing of mezzanine SBC (Single Board Computer) modules. CompuLab’s customers include international companies such as Siemens, OKI, Cisco and leading Israeli companies Elbit and Scitex. The company’s offices are located in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.