Customers & applications using Compulab products

A broad range of applications, including ticketing, transport signage, fleet management and traffic control.

Advanced medical devices, such as patient monitoring, ventilation, lab analyzers, medical imaging and diagnostics.

Building Automation
Intelligent building automation devices, that control access, HVAC, lighting, monitoring and safety systems.

Power & Energy
Power and energy applications, such as energy storage, smart metering, EV charging and solar photovoltaic energy systems.

Internet of Things
IoT devices and systems, such as smart sensors, gateways, edge computing, and cloud services.

Test & Measurement
Measurement and laboratory equipment, used for data acquisition, signal processing, calibration, and analysis.

Industrial Control
Industrial automation applications, such as process control, industrial HMI, machine vision and robotic warehouses.

Industrial communication systems, such as networking infrastructure, wireless gateways, routers and surveillance systems.