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System-on-Module Selection Guide

How to choose the right System-on-Module?

When you select a System-on-Module to integrate into your design, it becomes a critical component that will affect not just your product development, but also its manufacturing. There are many important factors to consider, not only for choosing a specific SOM model but also …

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Compulab Solder-down System-on-Module

Advantages of using solder-down System-on-Modules

Solder-down SOMs add a number of advantages compared to traditional processor modules. In this article, we explain how a solder-down SOM differs physically from a SOM, and what benefits solder-down SOMs bring to integrators …

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Understanding IoT Edge Gateways and their benefits

IoT gateways play a key role within the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem – working as the bridge between IoT devices and the cloud. In this article we outline what challenges industry faces when deploying IoT gateways and explain how Compulab’s range of IoT gateways meets these needs …

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Compulab products on Mars

NASA Perseverance rover operating on Mars utilizes Compulab COMEX-IE38 System-on-Module

On February 19, 2021 NASA rover Perseverance successfully landed on Mars and started its survey mission. The sophisticated rover is equipped with 6 cameras of different types, which constitute the main …

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What is a System on Module (SOM)

What is a System-on-Module?

A System-on-Module (SOM) is a miniature circuit board that includes all the essential components of a fully functioning computer. That includes a CPU, memory, storage device and interface controllers – such as Ethernet or WiFi. SOMs are designed to be plugged into …

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