Product Life Cycle

Life Cycle Overview

CompuLab product life cycle includes the following four phases:

Introduction phase - approximately the first 6 months. Last issues are still being resolved in the product and s/w support packages are being released and stabilized during this period.

Active phase - first 3-4 years following introduction. Product features and s/w packages are stable, maintained and enriched with additional functions. Products in this phase are the most suitable for new designs.

Mature phase - approximately 5 through 8 years after introduction. Products are available for order, shipped in volume, and benefit from stable and rich s/w packages, developed earlier. Products are no longer recommended for new designs. Product packages' maintenance is gradually frozen.

End-of-life phase - approximately 9-10 years after introduction. EOL initiation mainly depends on the availability of components required for product manufacturing.

Life Cycle Status
Product Life Cycle PhaseIntroduction Expected EOLComments
AM57xMature20152026"L" option discontinued
T335Mature20132022"WB" option discontinued
FX6Active20132028"WB" option discontinued
T3730Mature20112020"W" option discontinued
T3517Mature20112020"W" option discontinued
T3530Mature20102020"W" option discontinued
X300Mature20082020Using PXA310 CPU
"W" option discontinued

For longevity information of fit-PC products please refer to fit-PC website.

List of discontinued products
EOL Notes
  • Unless otherwise specified, the End Of Life (EOL) date is an estimation.
  • Estimated EOL date is periodically updated, reflecting the availability of components required for production.
  • The EOL date should be read as "last-time-buy is expected to be in the middle of the specified year".
  • Products are not discontinued arbitrarily after 8 years. If significant demand exists, and components are available, product life cycle is extended accordingly.
  • When the End of Life process begins, a last- time buy notification is e-mailed to all users, at least 3 months prior to discontinuation.
  • The product life cycle is per CPU -- the EOL issued for CoM, its baseboards, and products based on the same CPU.
  • Certain features may be discontinued earlier than the product itself, if a specific component is no longer available. In most such cases, CompuLab offers a component stocking service which enables the customer to continue ordering cards including the required feature.
Component Stocking
In certain cases, CompuLab will offer a component stocking service, enabling the continuation of product manufacturing even after the EOL date. CompuLab will stock discontinued components required for manufacturing. The service is offered only for products having significant market demand.

Service terms:

  • The stocking quantity is specified by the customer. The minimum quantity is that required for the manufacturing of 500 product units.
  • Stocking orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable. Quantity cannot be modified.
  • The component price is paid by the customer, on order. The component price is later deducted from the product price, when the products are manufactured.
  • Components are stored in CompuLab facilities. Due to concerns regarding storage quality, CompuLab will not accept for manufacturing any components which have not been stored in its facilities.
  • Stocking service fee is $1,800 per stocking order, regardless of quantity. This service fee is not refundable.
  • The price of products manufactured after the EOL date will be raised by 15% per year. Reason: increasing difficulty to obtain obsolete components (other than stocked) and to maintain capability for low-volume manufacturing over prolonged period of time.
  • The stocking service prolongs the product availability by 1 to 3 years. However, availability can be affected by the discontinuation of other components, in which case a notification will be sent to the customer.
  • At the end of the stocking period, a notification will be sent to the customer, offering a last-time buy.

Manufacturing after EOL
In certain cases CompuLab will consider manufacturing of discontinued products, even if not covered by components stocking commitment.

  • Components must be obtained by CompuLab purchasing department. Due to concerns about quality and compatibility of the component, CompuLab does not accept components obtained by the customer.
  • Minimum order is 1000 products for manufacturing, or 1000 components for stocking. The final quantity is bound to whatever is obtainable.
  • Product price is not guaranteed. The product price depends on the market price of the required components, which can vary significantly.
  • Under any circumstances, CompuLab does not guarantee the success of the production cycle for discontinued products.

Order acceptance is not guaranteed. The only acceptable procedure is:
  • Customer will place an order according to the quote of card price and quantity.
  • Only after order placement, CompuLab will attempt to obtain the necessary components.
  • If the components are available, the order will be confirmed.
  • Delivery time - 18-20 weeks.