CompuLab Introduces the CM-X255 (ARMCORE-GX) Module

HAIFA, ISRAEL – SEPTEMBER  08, 2004 – CompuLab introduced the CM-X255 – the third generation of the popular ARMCORE SOM (System-on-Module) originally presented to the market one year ago. The new GX version brings several major improvements: better graphics performance, cost-efficient Ethernet, touchscreen controller and improved compatibility with CAMI mechanical specs. These further extend the product’s capability to address an even wider range of applications.

About the CM-X255
The CM-X255 comprises an Intel PXA255 CPU up to 400 MHz with an integrated graphics controller, SDRAM, Flash Disk, PCMCIA interface, 100Mb ethernet, USB, sound, touchscreen controller, serial ports, infrared interface, general purpose I/O, real-time clock, PS/2 keyboard and mouse controller, parallel port, and interfaces to floppy and hard disks. Many of the above-mentioned features are optional and are included according to the application’s requirements. The CM-X255 provides a local bus as well as PCI and LPC buses for interface to off-board expansions. The module is designed for mezzanine attachment to a custom baseboard via two miniature 140-pin connectors.

Pricing and AvailabilityThe CM-X255 module is available now, and is priced starting at $46 for 10K -unit quantities (or $51 for 1K units). Evaluation Kits are also available from CompuLab.

About CompuLab
Established in 1992, CompuLab Ltd. develops and manufactures tiny System-on-Module (SOM) single board computers. CompuLab’s customers include more than 300 companies in 50 countries. The company’s offices are located in Haifa, Israel.

The CM-X255 Datasheet

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