CompuLab introduces a low cost version of CM-X300 computer-on-module

HAIFA, ISRAEL – April 12, 2009 – Responding to growing demand for price-competitive CoM solutions, CompuLab introduced new revision of  CM-X300, a computer-on-module based on Marvell’s PXA310 processor. The CM-X300 module’s architecture addresses embedded applications requiring a combination of wireless connectivity, low power consumption and excellent multimedia performance. It is an ideal selection for hand-held and mobile appliances, as well as applications such as point-of-sale, gaming and entertainment machines and info-terminals. Fully functional module is offered for only $49. Compared with any other product in its class, the CM-X300 module is smaller, less expensive and has a better set of features.
About the CM-X300 module
The CM-X300 combines a PXA310 CPU with a graphics controller, 128 MB of DDR memory, 512 MB Flash Disk with power-fail protection, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, USB ports, Audio, GPIO lines and many other essential functions. On-board wireless interfaces include 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth. Expansions can be connected through the traditional local bus or an advanced SDIO interface. The CM-X300 presents two significant innovations:
> Battery management and charging circuitry, including an on-board controller and operating system support. Integrated battery support makes the hand-held device implementation task much easier.
> Power fail protection for the flash disk. In the event of power failure, the on-board circuitry will keep the system running sufficient time for a proper shutdown. This feature is critical to attain overall system stability over long periods of time.
The module is designed for attachment to a custom baseboard via two miniature 140-pin connectors. The standardized CAMI interface allows interchangeability with other Computer-On-Module’s available from CompuLab, enabling the flexibility required in a dynamic market where application requirements can change rapidly.
Pricing and Availability
The CM-X300 module is available now, and is priced starting at $49 for 1K -unit quantities. Evaluation Kits are also available from CompuLab.
About CompuLab
Established in 1992, CompuLab Ltd. develops and manufactures Computer-on-Module’s boards and highly integrated single board computers. CompuLab’s customers include more than 400 companies in 60 countries. The company’s offices are located in Haifa, Israel.
CM-X300 Datasheet