CompuLab introduces Intense PC – the most powerful miniature fanless PC ever

With a 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor packed inside a 7.5” x 6.3” x 1.57” passively-cooled metal housing, Intense PC delivers lightning-fast performance – unprecedented for a miniature fanless system.

Intense PC consumes just 8W when idle, yet for high workloads the two CPU cores provide up to 2.4 GHz of processing power with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology.

Intense PC provides a set of features unmatched by any miniature computer on the market – with dual-head high definition displays, 7.1 channels digital audio in/out, dual GbE, 2 USB3 ports and up to 6 USB2 ports, dual eSATA, 2 mini-PCIe sockets, 802.11n WiFi and even a serial port. In addition, Intense PC incorporates the same FACE Module (Function And Connectivity Extension Module) first introduced in fit-PC3 for extending further the functionality of the computer.

For further details, please refer to Intense PC product page.