Compulab’s IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS is a modular DIN-rail IoT Edge Gateway optimized for industrial applications

30-April-2024 – Compulab introduces IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS – an industrial IoT gateway, offering rich functionality and exceptional modularity in a miniature, DIN-rail housing. Built around Compulab’s own UCM-iMX8M-Plus System-on-Module, IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS features the NXP i.MX8M Plus SoC coupled with up-to 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.


The base IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS unit provides a wide range of features required in typical IoT control and monitoring applications:

  • Worldwide LTE/4G modem and GNSS
  • Dual Gbit Ethernet ports
  • USB3.0, RS485 and RS232 ports
  • CAN bus, 2x DI + 2x DO
  • Hardware watchdog and TPM

A Truly Modular Solution

Each IoT project presents different connectivity requirements that cannot be addressed with a single hardware configuration.

To allow users to easily adapt the gateway to different use cases and installations, IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS can be expanded with an assortment of stackable I/O Expansion Modules:

  • 4-port RS485 module
  • 4-port RS232 module
  • 16 DIO (8 outputs + 8 inputs) module
  • Analog input module
  • 802.11ax WiFi + Bluetooth 5.3 module
IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS with I/O Modules

I/O Modules are interconnected using the Compulab proprietary StackLink expansion interface. Up-to eight modules can be stacked, allowing the user to implement the following additional functionality in a single gateway:

  • up-to 12x RS485 | RS232 ports
  • up-to 64x DIO
  • up-to 8x ADC channels
  • WiFi 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.3

I/O modules are automatically detected and configured on system boot, enabling completely seamless module installation and removal.

Additional I/O modules are in development. Custom, application specific modules will be offered on demand.

Optimized for Industrial Deployment

IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS is designed to address the requirements of IoT integration in industrial environments:

IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS Industrial IoT Gateway
  • High reliability and 24/7 operation
  • Wide temperature range of -30C to 70C
  • 5 year warranty and 15 year availability
  • Customer O/S and application imaging service
  • ODM rebranding with custom logo and labeling

Software Support

Compulab provides IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS with ready-to-run Debian Linux with built-in Docker support and easy-to-use deployment tools, allowing customers to focus on application development.

Customers who prefer to configure a custom O/S image can leverage the IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS Yocto BSP which includes Linux kernel 6.1, Yocto Project 4.2 and U-Boot boot-loader. OTA updates are supported using a pre-configured Mender layer.

In addition, IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS supports popular IoT frameworks such as Docker, Microsoft Azure IoT and Node-RED.


CPU i.MX8M Plus, quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, 1.8GHz
Storage Up to 128GB, eMMC flash, soldered on-board
Network 2x Gbit Ethernet ports
Worldwide 4G/LTE CAT4 cellular modem
USB 1x USB3.0 port, type-A connector
Serial 1x RS485 port
1x RS232 port
CAN bus 1x CAN bus
Digital I/O 2x DOUT + 2x DIN
Expansion I/O StackLink expansion interface supporting up-to 8 I/O modules:
up-to 12x RS485 | RS232
up-to 32x DO + 32x DI
up-to 8 ADC channels
RTC Real time clock with back-up battery
Security TPM 2.0, Infineon SLB9673
Watchdog Hardware watchdog
Debug Serial console via UART-to-USB bridge
Power Supply 12V-24V DC
Dimensions Base gateway: 110 x 30 x 95 mm
I/O modules: 110 x 20 x 95 mm
Housing DIN rail housing
Cooling Passive cooling, fanless design
Temp. range -30C to 70C

Availability and Pricing

IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS is available through Compulab’s worldwide distribution channel and through direct sales (

IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS is offered at a variety of configurations starting from $145 for volume orders.

Detailed ordering and pricing information is available at IOT-DIN-IMX8PLUS product page.

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