Broadcasting Case Study

Tieline Audio Codec



End Product:

Solution Used:

Broadcast Audio Codec


Merlin IP Codec


The Customer

Established in 1981, Tieline supplies a range of broadcast audio codecs to the international broadcast and industrial audio and video markets. Thousands of broadcasters use Tieline codecs for remote broadcasts (outside broadcasting), for audio distribution between studios and for studio/transmitter link (STL) applications.

Customer’s Product

Tieline’s Merlin audio codec provides high fidelity IP audio and IFB communications between the studio and a wide range of Tieline remote codecs or smartphones.

Designed to deliver high quality bidirectional stereo and full duplex communications for point-to-point and remote broadcast connections, Merlin is ideal for studio and remote truck installations.

CompuLab Product Used

Merlin uses the CompuLab CM-iAM System-on-Module as the main system controller.