CM-X255 New Features

CM-X255 is a 3rd version of original ARMCORE module and has several major improvements relative to the previous version.

  • The ethernet controller has been changed.  The new controller uses a local bus interface rather than the PCI interface implemented in the previous version. Therefore, it doesn’t require an Interface Bridge chip. This change significantly reduces the implementation cost of ethernet port.
  • Added touchscreen controller, for resistive touch panels.
  • Improved display performance. The previous version suffered from an unbalanced sharing of on-board resources, that under certain circumstances led to display underrun, appeared as “noise” on the LCD panel. This problem has been significantly reduced in GX version.
  • Rearranged components’ placement, for two benefits: (1) Ability to insert the module into baseboards with three CAMI connectors, (2) Total height reduced by 1.7mm, by moving high components to bottom side.

Effective from 01-Sep-2005 (12 months V3 introduction), CompuLab will discontinue sales and support of version 2 (CM-X255V2). All designs must use CM-X255 version 3.

Naming convention: version 2, which originally got the “ARMCORE” name, has been renamed “CM-X255V2”, while the name of the new version described above is “CM-X255”. In order to avoid confusion, the buyer must specify the proper new name when ordering CM-X255 modules.