CompuLab Introduces the CM-i686 (686CORE) – Tiny Embedded PC module

CompuLab Introduces the CM-i686 (686CORE) – Tiny Embedded PC module

HAIFA, ISRAEL – NOVEMBER 15, 2002 – CompuLab introduced today the CM-i686 – a tiny module implementing a complete Embedded PC measuring 68 x 58 mm. Based on National Semiconductor’s Geode CPU, the functional content of the module is equivalent to a Pentium-II class desktop computer. The CM-i686 fills the gap between the low cost CM-i586 and the high performance CM-i786. The CM-i686 delivers more performance and functions per dollar, relative to any other product introduced so far. For many applications, such as set-top boxes, gaming machines and hand-held appliances, where display interface is mandatory, the CM-i686 provides the best cost-effective solution.

About the CM-i686 module
The CM-i686 comprises a NS Geode CPU at 266 MHz with FPU, MMX and integrated graphics controller, SDRAM, Flash Disk, 100Mb ethernet, USB, sound, serial ports, infrared interface, general purpose I/O, real-time clock, PS/2 keyboard and mouse controller, parallel port, and interfaces to floppy and hard disks. Many of the above-mentioned contents are optional and are included according to the application’s requirements.
The CM-i686 has integrated ISA, PCI and LPC buses for interface to off-board expansions. The module is designed for either stand-alone operation (using SB-i686) or for piggy-back attachment to a carrier card via two miniature 180-pin connectors.

Pricing and Availability
The CM-i686 module is available today, and is priced starting at $108 for 10K -unit quantities (or $120 for 1K units). Evaluation Kits are also available from CompuLab.

About CompuLab
Established in 1992, CompuLab Ltd. develops and manufactures tiny ‘PC-on-chip’ modules, and highly integrated single board computers for embedded systems. CompuLab sells products to more than 300 companies in 50 countries. The company’s offices are located in the Haifa, Israel.

The CM-i686 Datasheet

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