CompuLab Introduces the SB-X255 (ARMBASE) – PC/104+ Single Board Computer

CompuLab Introduces the SB-X255 (ARMBASE) – PC/104+ Single Board Computer

HAIFA, ISRAEL – AUGUST 03, 2003 – CompuLab introduced the SB-X255 – a low-cost PC/104+ Single Board Computer with an outstanding level of function integration. Based on the CM-X255 module with Intel XScale architecture, the SB-X255 breaks traditional, X86-based products’, relationship of functional content to price. While providing a rich set of features, the SB-X255 delivers the lowest cost PC/104+ single board computer currently available in the market.

About the SB-X255 PC/104+
The SB-X255, with an integrated CM-X255 module, contains an Intel PXA255 CPU up to 400 MHz, a graphics controller for LCD and CRT, SDRAM, Flash Disk, two 100Mb ethernet ports, USB, sound, serial ports, infrared interface, general purpose I/O, real-time clock, PS/2 keyboard and mouse controller, parallel port, and interfaces to floppy and hard disks. Headers for standard cables/connectors are provided for all functions. Many of the above-mentioned features are optional and are included according to the application’s requirements. The SB-X255 provides three expansion interfaces: PC/104 (ISA-equivalent local bus) connector, PC/104+ (PCI) connector and one or two optional PCMCIA slots.

Pricing and Availability
The SB-X255 board will be available for sale from 01-Oct-2003, and is priced, including integrated CM-X255 module, starting at $93 for 1K -unit quantities. Evaluation Kits are also available from CompuLab.

About CompuLab
Established in 1992, CompuLab Ltd. develops and manufactures tiny ‘PC-on-chip’ modules, and highly integrated single board computers for embedded systems. CompuLab’s customers include more than 300 companies in 50 countries. The company’s offices are located in the Haifa, Israel.

The SB-X255 Datasheet

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