LCD Panel Compatibility List

The table below specifies the LCD panels verified by CompuLab for compatibility with computers-on-module. The table is sorted by “resolution”. For a further description of a field, see the key at the bottom of the page.

To see notes regarding LCD panel compatibility for a specific module, follow [Products]>>[CM-XXX]>>[LCD panel support] links.

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Field Description

ModelIf a model name is colored in blue, clicking on it will download a support package, usually containing a datasheet, configuration file and comments.
SizeDiagonal length of view area
IntrfInterface requirements:
"+" : the panel's interface can be connected directly to the controller
"B" : 3.3V to 5.0V level translation buffers are required
"L" : LVDS serializer required
"T" : Timing controller required
C/BColor / Black&White
TS Integrated touch screen (compatibility not verified)
YearYear of introduction, as specified in panel's datasheet
CompatibilityThe compatibility of the panel to the graphics controller and the level of support provided by CompuLab for it.

5 - The panel is compatible, configuration setup is readily available for at least one of operating systems.
4 - The panel is compatible, configuration is easy and supported. Configuration setup will be prepared on request.
3 - The panel is compatible, the configuration is complicated, but still could be supported. Please verify with CompuLab's technical support. This grade may also indicate marginality of hardware compatibility aspects.
2 - The panel is compatible, but configuration is overly difficult and hence not supported
1 - The panel's compatibility is uncertain
0 - The panel is not compatible

H - Requires additional hardware

CM-X270 has two graphics controllers, one of the PXA270 chip, and other of 2700G Advanced Multimedia Accelerator. Panel compatibility grade for CM-X270 can therefore specify two marks - first for PXA270 controller, and second (optional) for 2700G. Absence of second mark means that compatibility with 2700G was not yet verified for the particular panel.