Items in Stock

The table below lists the current state of CompuLab's stock for main products and several key accessories. Rules for use:
  • Stock serves development needs only. Orders for production should not use stock contents and should be placed according to regular delivery time terms. CompuLab would not sell products from stock in quantity exceeding 50 units per type.
  • The table below also specifies the estimated date for stock refill and the number of products to stock. If a refill date is not specified — this means that it has not been set yet or no refill is planned. Specifications of stock items are modified periodically.
  • Stock refill date and quantity is subject to change without prior notice, i.e. delivery time is not guaranteed. Customers who wish to receive a specific supply date should place a custom order, rather than planning based on stock availability.
  • Always pay attention to the "Updated on" date below, in order to ensure that you are using up-to-date information.
  • Products in stock can also be ordered with certification for extended or industrial temperature range. No minimum order, delivery time (if items are in stock) is 2 weeks. Number in parentheses specifies amount of products in stock already certified for industrial temperature range.
Updated on
Product Rev Current stock Refill qty Refill date
Product Rev Current stock Refill qty Refill date