Technical Services

Technical Support for 12 MonthsCompuLab evaluation kit includes 12-months technical support contract. Upon expiration, technical support can be extended by purchasing separate technical support contract from CompuLab. Technical support contract will be signed at CompuLab's discretion.
LCD Panel SW AdaptationLCD panel compatibility verification and driver adaptation service is included in CompuLab evaluation kit.
CompuLab will check the specifications of a particular LCD panel for compatibility with the CompuLab CoM graphics controller. CompuLab will also configure the generic LCD driver to support the requested panel. Panel interface debugging will be performed by customer. This service is limited to compatibility verification of up to three panels and configuration of the generic driver for a single particular panel. LCD panel software adaptation service can be ordered separately in case additional verifications or adaptations are required.
U-boot Technical SupportAuthorization for technical support for patching and compilation of U-boot used on relevant products.

Manufacturing Services

Manual modification of boards from stockThis service allows evaluation of boards in configuration close to customer's custom target. Price: $240 per function. For example, modification of CM-iGLX-D256-C500-N512-E-AT to CM-iGLX-D128-C500-N128 requires changes of two functions and removal of two others, so its price is $240*4.
Note: CompuLab will evaluate the complexity of the required modification. Modifications which are too complicated and present a risk of damaging the product will not be performed.
Manufacturing ExpeditionNormal manufacturing time for custom orders is 12-16 weeks, as specified in sale terms. Shorter delivery time could sometimes be achieved by prioritizing and applying out-of-order processing.
- Expedition feasibility check: $300 per product type.
- Expedition service: $4,000 per product type.
See full details of expedition service.
Firmware Version FreezeThe firmware version freeze service allows customers to specify the exact firmware version to be preloaded into the manufactured products.
- Firmware version freeze is provided for custom orders only
- One time setup fee of $1500
- Additional cost per product unit is $4
For full explanation and details please refer to firmware version freeze service.
Preloading of Application SoftwareComputer-On-Modules can be supplied with preloaded custom application software and operating system. Installation is performed during the board testing process. Pre-installation service is provided only for custom orders, it is not available for products supplied from stock.


Filling Certification FormsReviewing and filling certification forms requires administrative effort and therefore CompuLab charges for this service. These include filling ISO compliance forms, supplier surveys and audit questionnaires. Minimal price: $500. Price may be higher for requests requiring exceptional effort. CompuLab usually waives charging for this service for customers whose annual purchasing exceeds $50K.