Availability of O/S and Drivers for CM-iPM

CompuLab provides ready-to-run packages and support for Linux and Windows XP operating systems running on CM-iPM, including the ability to boot and run from on-board Flash Disk. The table below specifies current and planned support coverage. This page is updated on any significant change of support availability.


+Support is available (when o/s support is enabled)
[date] Support will be available on the specified date
-No support available or planned
?Support availability still undetermined
[gray]O/S is compatible with the CM-i686, but not supported by CompuLab

O/S Features Support

LinuxWin XPDOS
Image size (MB)2003002
Flash Disk+++
VGA / LCD / TV+++
USB 2 Host+++
Serial port+++
Hard disk+++
PS/2 Mouse & Kbrd+++