IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS and SBC-IOT-IMX8PLUS O/S support coverage

CompuLab provides ready-to-run packages and support for Linux operating system for IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS and SBC-IOT-IMX8PLUS. The table below specifies current and planned support coverage. This page is updated upon any significant change of support availability.


Support is available (when o/s support is enabled)
Support will be available on the specified date
No support available or planned
Support availability still undetermined
Function is compatible with the specific HW platform, but is not supported by CompuLab

O/S Features Support

FeatureDebian LinuxYocto
Primary Storage
Primary Ethernet
Secondary Ethernet
Cellular modem (Quectel EC25)
WiFi (Intel AX210)
Bluetooth (Intel AX210)
Display output
CAN bus
RS485 / RS232
Digital I/O