Evaluation Kit Return Terms

We supply a 45-day money-back guarantee on our evaluation kits. If you’re not satisfied with the product and wish to cancel for any reason, you can do so in the first 45 days and get your money back. Simply return all equipment in good working order and we’ll refund.

To ensure a smooth return, please review that the following conditions are met:

  • Items are returned in fully functional state.
  • The evaluation time is limited to 45 days. Evaluation kit should be returned is less than 45 days following the day it was received.
  • Only one Evaluation Kit was purchased. Buying two or more evaluation kits or buying additional items voids the return option. The aim of this restriction is to prevent the parallel evaluation of several products and then the return of the less preferable one(s) for credit. The return for credit option is valid when the developer has decided not to use any CompuLab product.
  • User properly filled “Eval Kit Return” application form in Support database system.