Firmware Version Freeze


Firmware such as BIOS and boot-loaders is developed by CompuLab as part of product development and maintenance. New firmware versions are released by CompuLab from time to time in order to fix bugs, address component changes and add features. Firmware is preloaded into CompuLab products during product testing. In general, products are pre-loaded only with the most recent firmware version.

The firmware version freeze service allows customers to specify the exact firmware version to be preloaded into the manufactured products.

Service terms

  • Firmware version freeze is provided for custom orders only
  • One time setup fee of $1500
  • Additional cost per product unit is $4

Service workflow

  1. Customer should explicitly request the firmware version freeze service upon placing a custom manufacturing order
  2. Customer should specify the exact firmware version to be used
  3. CompuLab will inform the customer regarding feasibility and potential implications, if any.
  4. Customer should place the order for the service at least 6 weeks before the scheduled production date

Service Limitations

In some cases the firmware update is necessary in order to address a critical issue and it is no longer possible to manufacture the product with the older firmware version. In such cases customer will be requested to migrate to the new firmware version. CompuLab will inform the customer about the upcoming migration at least 10 weeks before the next scheduled production date.