Freeze vs. Developer version

The freeze version of an operating system undergoes comprehensive testing in combination with the freeze version of U-boot / BIOS. After testing, this version is frozen and is considered as an optional fallback to a known functional state. A developer version is usually newer than the freeze version and it may contain additional features or bug fixes. A developer version undergoes only preliminary testing, in combination with the currently used U-boot, which is not guaranteed to be a specific version. In general, a developer version is expected to be more advanced and cleaner; however, to due limited testing, this may prove otherwise.  Please read the revision notes of the freeze and developer archives to learn about the differences between them.  CompuLab recommends using the most recent (i.e. developer) version of an operating system, unless the user finds its performance unsatisfactory. Bug reports and technical support questions should all refer to the most recent version, as it is the only version maintained and updated by our engineering team. Developer page specifies archive size and date of developer version. The achieve date of the freeze version can  be checked by downloading and reviewing its revision notes. It is recommended (but not mandatory) to upload the card with the U-boot / BIOS of the same version (either freeze or developer) as that of the operating system in use.