LCD Panels for CM-iVCF

CompuLab provides the following means for evaluating and adapting LCD panels for iVCF architecture:

  • Ready for use panel, including cable and s/w setup. Panel: PrimeView PD064VT4 (or compatible), 640 x 480, TFT color, 6.4″.
  • The list of verified panels, including ready for use setups for some of them.
  • Generic BIOS setup which properly configures the LCD panel controller.
  • Compatibility verification service performed by CompuLab. Provided for purchasers of Evaluation Kit.

Generic BIOS Setup

LCD panel controller of CM-iVCF located in the CLE266 chipset. It is initialized by BIOS to operate LCD interface signals according to the selected resolution. BIOS setup parameters are then transferred to the operating system. Unlike other CompuLab’s module architectures, CM-iVCF doesn’t need “driver configuration utility”, but rather it uses predefined BIOS settings.

Panel Compatibility Verification

CompuLab provides a service for verification of specific panel’s compatibility to the LCD controller. The service works as follows:

  • The user selects a panel following the guidelines specified below.
  • The panel’s datasheet is emailed to CompuLab.
  • We compare the panel’s datasheet with the graphics controller specifications and reply with compatibility comments.

The verification service is limited to 3 panels.

Guidelines for LCD Panel Selection

CM-iVCF’s graphics controller is an integral part of VIA’s North Bridge. It is compatible with TFT panels having standard VGA / XGA resolutions. It doesn’t support STN panels. Final selection of the panel should be confirmed by CompuLab. Selection guidelines:

Panel Type / Interface TFT, digital RGB or analog RGB or PAL/NTSC
ResolutionFrom 640 x 480 to 1280 x 1024
Bits per pixel (max)Up to 18