Manufacturing Expedition


Standard manufacturing time for custom orders is 12-16 weeks, as specified in terms and conditions. Manufacturing expedition requires out-of-order processing in several different stages of production, and even so – delivery time improvement can not be guaranteed. Significant effort is required to check the feasibility of expedition.

Expedition check: $300 per product type, regardless of conclusions.
CompuLab will check and provide an estimation regarding accelerated processing of the order, including best delivery time and quantity. CompuLab doesn’t guarantee that an expedition check will yield positive results. An expedition feasibility check can be performed no earlier than 4 weeks after order activation.

Delivery expedition: up to $4,000 per product type, depending on actual results. CompuLab cannot guarantee that an expedition attempt will succeed, even following confirmation. In the case of partial success, i.e. delivery time shorter that originally stated but longer than confirmed in the expedition check, a partial charge will apply.

Expedition process flow

The following steps are the only valid procedure in case of expedition request:

  1. Place an order for required products. Expedition requests can not be considered unless an order is both registered and activated in CompuLab’s manufacturing system.
  2. Also, place an order for the expedition checking service.
  3. Wait 4 weeks. It is the time required for our purchasing department to receive firm delivery confirmations from component suppliers. We can estimate expedition feasibility only after receiving responses from our suppliers.
  4. CompuLab will inform about feasibility. If acceptable, place an order for manufacturing expedition.
  5. We will do our best to comply with the promised delivery time; however, it cannot be guaranteed. The expedition charge will be applied according to our ability to deliver as promised.

Please note

We cannot follow any procedure other than that specified above. More specifically, we cannot:

  • Discuss expedition feasibility prior to order placement
  • Start expedition check earlier than 4 weeks after order activation.
  • Expedite quicker than confirmed, even for a higher fee.
  • Use a customer’s purchasing services to obtain components faster.

Please note also that CompuLab keeps products in stock, available for immediate shipment. Consider ordering products from stock, rather than ordering the expedition service.