Preloading of Application Software


CompuLab products can be supplied preloaded with custom application and operating system. Installation is performed during the testing process. The pre-installation service is provided only for non-stock orders, it is not available for products supplied from stock.


$500 setup per batch, plus $1 per every 100 MB (or part of), per unit for quantity 1000. For smaller quantities, standard quantity factors apply, please refer to product price list.

Example: Installation of 170 MB on 500 cards of CM-iGLX

170/100 * $1 * 1.2 (quantity factor) * 500 (number of boards) + $500 (setup)  = $1520

Custom software and OS images for preloading should be provided to CompuLab packaged as disk image file, at least 4 weeks before scheduled delivery date. The image files should be created with the Linux partclone utility. Please contact CompuLab technical support for more detailed instructions.

The [X] option must be specified for products ordered with software preloading service.

Important Note
It is a sole customer’s responsibility to provide proven functional image for pre-installation. In order to ensure this, customer must test the image on the product with the exact same configuration as ordered for pre-installation.