How To Calculate Prices

CompuLab products have many configuration options. In order to avoid a table with too many entries, introduced below is a simplified method of calculating product prices. For the prices of a specific product, click on a link in the left pane.

The purpose of this document is to serve as a preliminary price evaluation tool. Prices may vary to reflect changes in component costs. The final price for a specific configuration should be obtained by issuing a Purchasing Requisition (PR), via e-mail. The PR should contain:
– Exact part number. For example: CM-i586-D64-F2-C133-N64-P-E-S-U
– Quantity

Part Number

The part number specifies all options available for a particular product. For example:

  • Product – CM-i586
  • Dx – DRAM size in Mbytes
  • Fx – NOR Flash size in Mbytes
  • Cx – CPU speed in MHz
  • Nx – NAND Flash size
  • P – PCI bus support
  • E – Ethernet
  • S – Super-I/O
  • U – USB


Cards price depends on ordered quantity. Quantity prices are per-batch. For example, to have 1000-units price, the order should be placed for 1000 units at once. The cards will all be manufactured and shipped in one pass.

Price Calculation

Links on the left pane open a page with specifications of prices per product. For each product, there is a part number specifying the features included in the minimal configuration. The price for this minimal configuration in 1000-unit quantity is provided. Following, there is a list for upgraded features relevant to the specific product and the price of each feature, in 1000-unit quantity. At the end, there are the multipliers for smaller quantities.

For example:

The minimum configuration specified for the CM-i586 includes 16MB DRAM, 1M FLASH and 100MHz CPU. It costs $91 for 1000-unit quantity. If you need a price for 500 units of CM-i586 with a 133 MHz CPU and 32 Mbytes DRAM, then:

  1. 133 MHz CPU adds $7
  2. 32 Mbytes DRAM adds $6
  3. 500-unit quantity has x 1.1 multiplier (relative to the 1000-unit price)

Therefore the unit price for the requested configuration is:
( 91 + 7 + 6 ) * 1.1 = $114.4

Prices don’t include shipment costs. Shipment is charged according to destination and weight. Light weight shipment to U.S, Canada and Europe – $95, to most of other countries – $115.

Price does not include import duties and VAT. These depend on customs regulations in destination country and may be charged by the courier.