Engineering Support Portal


The support portal is accessible only to authorized users upon purchase of a product evaluation kit. To obtain support authorization, please contact CompuLab’s sales department at You will then receive a Support Authorization Number (SAN) and password required to login into the support portal.


Upon initial login, you will be requested to fill in a user’s profile. This information is important as background reference for handling support requests, so please fill it in accurately and completely. You will also need to register yourself as the user.

Issuing a new request

To submit a new technical support issue, click on the “new issue” link. You will be asked to select the product type and issue subject from lists. For optimal handling, make sure to select the proper subject, as your selection will automatically determine the support person to whom the issue will be initially routed. Click the “create issue” button. You will be transferred to the issue processing form.

Issue processing

In the “issue processing” form, describe your issue(s) according to the following guidelines:

If you have one or more technical questions of the same nature, you can ask all of them in the same issue. On the other hand, if you have questions of different natures, for example, software questions and also sale procedure questions, please create two separate issues, as they will be handled by different support persons. For example:

– How to activate watchdog timer, and

– How to erase NAND flash

These questions may be combined in the same issue, as they address the same type of support. On the other hand:

– How to activate watchdog timer, and

– How to send malfunctioning cards for repair

Such a combination should not be included in a single issue. In such a case, you are advised to place each of these questions as separate issues. Proper division of questions according to their nature will significantly improve support efficiency and shorten response time.

Write an issue description and submit. Please allow 2 work days (within CompuLab’s Sunday-Thursday work week) for the support team to review and respond.

You can check the status of your request processing at any time. The status is specified in the issues list table. Status description:

“User message” – user (customer) placed message.

“Viewed” – user’s message was viewed by the addressed support person.

“Forwarded” – user’s message was forwarded to another staff member.

“Answered” – support staff has answered / replied.

“Closed” – issue closed, either by user or by support.

As long as an issue has a status other than ‘Closed’, all its correspondence should be managed in its “issue processing” page. Do not create an additional issue regarding an existing subject.


In addition to our technical support staff, you can also address an issue to:

Web-site manager – support system bugs.

Administration – clarifications or complaints

Address selection is performed upon opening a new issue, using the “request to” field.

Support for multiple projects

This section is relevant for users managing several projects with CompuLab products. It is especially relevant for resellers representing several customers, each developing its own project.

The overriding rule is:

Each SAN is for one project, one customer and one CompuLab’s product type.

All these conditions must be met. If even one of the conditions changes, the situation is considered as the opening of a new project, in which case another SAN must be assigned for it. Under no circumstances should a user place a question unrelated to the specific project for which the SAN was assigned.

Resellers are allowed to access the support team with questions only about projects for which a SAN has already been assigned, i.e. after purchasing an evaluation kit for a specific project. Pre-sales questions should be addressed only to sales persons, by email. In rare cases, CompuLab will assign a SAN prior to the purchasing of an evaluation kit, enabling access to the support system. Requests for such exceptional SAN’s should be sent to and should not be common practice. Please note however that even in the case of pre-sales SAN assignment, the overriding rule still applies:

Each pre-sales SAN is for one project, one customer and one CompuLab’s product type.

Please note: CompuLab’s support method is based on the separation into distinct projects, with project information easily accessible by the workgroup of users and support staff. Mixing requests for different projects under the same SAN violates this concept and therefore should be strictly avoided.