Developer Resources for CM-iTC & SB-iTC

This page contains references to documentation, design files and support packages available from CompuLab for CM-iTC and SB-iTC. Operating system packages contain both developer and freeze versions.

CM-iTC datasheet | revision notes | features comparison
SB-iTC datasheet | revision notes
O/S support coverage map
LCD panel support

CM-iTC Reference Guide07-Apr-11 528 KB
SB-iTC Reference Guide30-May-11 965 KB
CM-iTC dimensions and connectors location31-Mar-11 17 KB
SB-iTC design - schematics, dimensions, layout31-Mar-11 8775 KB
DVI extension board design31-Mar-11 92 KB
BIOS image: developer | freeze | documentation
Pre-boot configuration utility
Linux kernel and run-time image: developer | freeze | documentation23-Mar-11 897193 KB
Windows XP run-time image: developer | freeze
Windows XP board support package: developer | freeze *

* Password protected packages, should be purchased separately