CM-iGLX Computer-On-Module

  • Low cost x86-compatible platform in a miniature form factor.
  • Low power consumption enables battery powered applications.
  • Wide range of high-speed interfaces provides extensive connectivity.

Product Highlights

  • Full Featured PC-Compatible Computer-On-Module
  • AMD Geode LX800 CPU at 500 MHz, 256 KB cache
  • 512 Mbyte DDR
  • 512 Mbyte Flash Disk
  • Graphics Controller for LCD and FPM, up to 1920 x 1440 see LCD panel support
  • General purpose bus and optional PCI, LPC, AC97 busses
  • WLAN / WiFi 802.11g Interface
  • Video Input Port
  • Sound codec with speaker and microphone support
  • Touchscreen Controller
  • Up to 3 host USB-2 ports, including keyboard and mouse support
  • Serial ports, GPIO, hard-disk interface
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet port
  • Low power consumption
  • Small size - 68 x 58 mm
  • Interchangeable with other modules via CAMI connectors
Note: some features are optional. Values are specified at their maximum.


The CM-iGLX packs up-to-date 2006 technologies into the most compact, lightweight PC-on-module available in the market. Its on-board resources suffice to smoothly run operating systems such as Linux and Windows XP / CE, while it is just as small as a credit card and can run on a battery. These, in addition to the module's low cost, make it an ideal building block for any embedded application.

The feature set of the CM-iGLX combines a 32-bit X86-compatible CPU, DDR, Flash Disk and vital computing peripherals. For embedded applications, the CM-iGLX provides a 32-bit PCI bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, general purpose I/O lines and many other essential functions. The user interface is supported by an enhanced graphics controller, touchscreen, USB interface for keyboard / mouse and Audio system. An integrated WLAN (WiFi) interface implements 802.11g industry standard wireless connectivity.

The standardized CAMI ("CompuLab's Aggregated Module Interface") connectors of the CM-iGLX module allow interchangeability with other Computer-On-Module's available from CompuLab, enabling the flexibility required in a dynamic market where application requirements can change rapidly.

For feature support status, please refer to O/S Support Coverage Map.
  • "Option" column specifies the configuration code required to have the particular feature.
  • "+" means that the feature is always available

CPU, Memory and Busses

CPUAMD LX800 / LX700 CPU, Pentium compatible, up to 500 MHz.
64 + 64 KB L1 and 128 KB L2 cache.
DMA and Interrupt controllers, Timers
DRAM128 / 256 / 512 MB DDR, 333 MHz, 64-bit
Notes about 512 MB:
1. Only if WiFi is not assembled
2. Win CE is not supported
BIOS Flash1/2 Mbyte, on-board reprogrammable+
NAND Flash Disk128 / 512 Mbytes, more in future. 10 MB/s transfer rate.N
External BussesPCI, LPC, AC97+
AC97AC97 Rev 2.3 compliant+
PCI bus32-bit, rev 2.2-compliant, 132 MB/s, 3.3-volt tolerant
Arbiter and clock for one or two masters
LPC busHost, 33 MHz, Intel LPC v1.0 compatible+


Resolution up to 1920 x 1440 x 32 bpp @ 85Hz, frame buffer in system memory, 2D graphic processor+
Display InterfaceLCD - 18-bit parallel RGB for TFT panels
CRT - 24-bit analog RGB for CRT / FPM
Video Input PortVESA1.1 & VESA2.0 standard, BT.601, BT.656, 8-bit port, 150 MHz data rate+
USB2 or 3 Host USB 2.0 ports, 480 Mbps, EHCI / OHCI compliant+
Serial PortsTwo UART's, Rx & Tx only+
GPIO4 lines dedicated + 4 lines shared+
Hard Disk Interf.IDE interface, UDMA ATA-100 mode+
Kbrd & MouseUSB or redirection from serial port+
Ethernet100 Mb/s, Activity LED's. RTL8139E
Audio codecWolfson WM9715L controller, AC97 interface, mono microphone input, stereo line input and 25 mW output for active speakersAT
Touchscreen ctrl.A part of the WM9715L chip. Supports resistive touch panelsAT
RTCReal Time Clock, powered by external lithium battery+
WiFiRalink RT2571chipset, 802.11b/g, USB internal interface.
Mutually exclusive with 512 MB DDR option
Encryption unit128 bit DMA based crypto acceleration block up to 44 Mbps+

Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

Supply Voltage3.3V
Active power consumption3 - 5 W, depending on configuration and CPU speed
Dimensions68 x 58 x 8 mm
Weight37 gram
MTTF> 200,000 hours
Operation temperature (case)Commercial: 0° to 70° C
Extended: -20° to 70° C
Industrial: -40° to 85° C. Click for availability note
Storage temperature-40° to 85° C
Relative humidity 10% to 90% (operation)
05% to 95% (storage)
Shock50G / 20 ms
Vibration20G / 0 - 600 Hz
Connectors3 x 140 pin, 0.6 mm. Insertion / removal up to 50 cycles
CM-iGLX is a mature product and is not recommended for new designs.

Product status: Mature

CompuLab part number specifies all options available for a particular product.
P/N template: CM-iGLX-Dxxx-Cxxx-[Nxxx]-[E]-[AT]-[W]-[Tx]-[X]

Minimal Configuration

Minimal configuration P/N: CM-iGLX-D128-C433

Optional Features

FeatureOptionsP/N code
DRAM size128 MB
256 MB
512 MB
CPU speed433 MHz
500 MHz
NAND Flash size(none)
128 MB
512 MB
Audio & TouchscreenNo
Temperature rangeCommercial
Software PreloadingNo