SBC-i686 Board

In EOL phase, see expected life time. Users are advised to consider SB-iGLX as replacement.



The SBC-i686 is a standard PC/104+ compliant, single board computer. It is implemented by CM-i686B module providing most of the functions, and SB-i686 carrier board providing connectors and several additional functions. The rich features set of the SBC-i686 is customizable according to the price / performance targets of the user’s application.

The SBC-i686 contains a PC/104+ expansion connectors which opens it to the wide range of standard peripheral cards. Furthermore, the SBC-i686 contains a PCMCIA / Card Bus controller and slots.  A PCMCIA card may be inserted and secured in the slot, with no additional mechanical means. Off-the-shelf PCMCIA modules can extend the system with capabilities such as a larger solid state disk, modem, and wireless LAN.



  • PC/104+ Single Board Computer implemented by combination of the CM-i686B module and SB-i686 baseboard
  • AMD Geode CPU @ 266 MHz
  • PCI and ISA expansion buses in PC/104+ format
  • 32 – 128 MB SDRAM
  • 1 – 512 MB Flash Disk
  • COM1 – 4 with RS232 / RS485 / RS422 / TTL driver options
  • IrDA, LPT, GPIO, PS/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces
  • 3 Host USB ports
  • Hard and floppy disk interfaces
  • Sound I/O
  • VGA / SXGA graphics controller. Connectors for  LCD panel and  CRT monitor
  • Single or dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports (optional)
  • Single or Dual Card Bus / PCMCIA slots (optional)
  • Lithium battery for RTC
  • Small size – 96 mm x 91 mm


Block diagrams



“SB Option” column specifies the P/N code of SB-i686 required to have the particular feature.  “CM Option” column specifies the P/N code of CM-i686B required to have the particular feature. The SBC-i686 content is the combination of features provided by the attached CM-i686B and features implemented on SB-i686. To have the particular feature, both CM and SB options of that feature must be implemented.
“+” means that the feature is always available, regardless of P/N code.

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