SBC-T54 – TI OMAP5432 Single Board Computer

  • High-performance ARM Cortex-A15 single board computer
  • Cutting-edge video and graphics enable high-end multimedia applications
  • Wide range of high-speed interfaces provides extensive connectivity

Product Highlights

  • Single board computer implemented with CM-T54 computer-on-module and SB-T54 carrier board
  • Texas Instruments OMAP5432 dual-core Cortex-A15 CPU, 1.5GHz
  • Up to 4GB DDR3 and up to 32GB on-board eMMC
  • Video Processing Unit, 1080p decoding and encoding
  • Integrated PowerVR SGX544 GPU with OpenGL-ES and OpenCL EP support
  • HDMI, DVI, LVDS, parallel RGB
  • Ethernet, SATA, USB3, USB2 x3, WiFi, Bluetooth, RS232
  • Linux and Android Jelly Bean
  • 10V - 17V supply


SBC-T54 is a single board computer based on the Texas Instruments OMAP5432 CPU. It is implemented with a CM-T54 computer-on-module providing most of the functions, and SB-T54 carrier board providing connectors and several additional functions. The rich feature set of SBC-T54 is customizable according to the price / performance needs of the target application. SBC-T54 contains expansion connectors which accommodate a wide range of standard peripheral devices. Wide input range switched power supply is compatible with requirements for telecom and automotive applications. SBC-T54 is provided with full ready-to-run Linux and Android SW packages and comprehensive documentation.

  • The "SB option" column specifies the SB-T54 carrier board P/N code required for a particular feature. The "CM option" column specifies the CM-T54 P/N code required for a particular feature. SBC-T54 feature-set is a combination of features provided by the attached CM-T54 and the features implemented on the SB-T54. For a particular feature to be present, both the CM and SB options of that feature must be implemented.
  • "+" means that the feature is always available, regardless of P/N code.

System and I/O

FeatureSpecificationSB OptionCM Option
Please refer to CM-T54 specifications
Display• HDMI 1.4, up to 1920x1080 at 60Hz, HDMI connector
• DVI, up to 1920x1080, HDMI connector
• Parallel RGB, up to 1920x1080, FPC connector
• LVDS, up to 1920x1080, 100-mil header
Ethernet100Base-T Ethernet interface implemented with the Microchip LAN9730 controller. RJ-45 connector, activity LEDs.
WiFi and
WiFi 802.11b/g/n implemented with Marvell 88W8787 chipset
Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed (HS) (also compliant with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR)
On-board connector for external antenna
Implemented with the CM-T54 on-board wireless module
USB1 OTG USB3.0 port, micro-USB connector
1 OTG USB3.0 port, micro-USB connector
3 host USB2.0 high-speed ports, 480 Mbps, type-A connectors
SATASATA interface, mini-PCIe connector
Serial Ports1 RS-232 port, rx/tx only, RS-232 levels, up to 460 Kbps, RJ-11 connector
Sound I/OAnalog audio implemented with the CM-T54 audio codec
Stereo output, line-in, microphone input; 3.5mm jacks
SDSD socket
GPIOUp to 24 GPIOs, 100-mil header
Video Input1 parallel camera port (up to 20 bit and up to 240 MHz peak), FPC connector
MIPI CSI-2 interface, 100-mil connector
Charging and supervision support for Lithium-ion polymer batteries
RTCReal time clock operated from on-board rechargeable lithium battery.

Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

Supply VoltageUnregulated 8V to 15V.
High efficiency switched power supply.
Power ConsumptionTBD
Dimensions134mm x 127mm x 21mm
Operation temp (case)Commercial:0° to 70° C
Extended:-20° to 70° C
Industrial:-40° to 85° C. Click for availability note
Storage temperature-40° to 85° C
Relative humidity10% to 90% (operation)
05% to 95% (storage)
Shock50G / 20 ms
Vibration20G / 0 - 600 Hz
MTBF> 100,000 hours
SBC-T54 block diagram

Hardware Documentation

Hardware Design Resources

Software Resources




For previous versions of the CM-T54 software packages, please refer to the CM-T54 software archive.

CM-T54 & SB-T54 evaluation kit

Package contents

Technical Support

  • Technical support for 12 months.
  • LCD panel compatibility verification and driver adaptation service.
  • 45-day trial period. Eval Kit will be accepted for refund if the user finds the product not suitable for his needs.


  • CM-T54-C1500-D2-N8-E-A-I-L-U4-WB-H
  • SB-T54
  • LCD panel
  • HDMI to DVI adapter
  • Serial port cable
  • WiFi antenna and cable
  • 12V power supply

Product status: Discontinued

The CompuLab part number specifies all options available for a particular product.
Note: The SB-T54 base-board must contain a CM-T54 module for the implementation of a self-contained SBC. Options specified on this page refer to the SB-T54 only.
P/N template: SB-T54-[Tx]

Minimal Configuration

Minimal configuration P/N: SB-T54
1K-units price

Optional Features

FeatureOptionsP/N codeAdd ($)
Temperature rangeCommercial
Cables, connectors and accessoriesclick here
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Small Quantity Orders

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