SBC-X270 Board

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Product Highlights

  • Single Board Computer implemented by combination of CM-X270 module and SB-X270 baseboard. Compatible with both X270W and X270L module version.
  • Available in two form-factors: - Standard PC/104+ - PC/104+ with front panel
  • Price starting below $120
  • Intel's XScale PXA270 CPU @ 520 MHz, 128 MB SDRAM, 512 MB Flash Disk
  • WLAN / WiFi 802.11b/g Interface
  • VGA graphics controller with connectors for LCD panel and CRT monitor
  • Video input
  • PCI and Local Bus expansions in PC/104+ format
  • COM1 - 4 with RS232 / RS485 / RS422 / TTL driver options
  • Host and slave USB ports including keyboard & mouse support
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Hard disk interface
  • Sound I/O
  • Single or dual 100 Mbps Ethernet ports
  • PCMCIA, CardBus & MMC/SDIO slots
  • RTC with lithium battery
  • Switched power supply for telecom and automotive applications, 3.3V to 48V operating range
Note: some of above specified features are optional


The SBC-X270 is a standard PC/104+ compliant, single board computer. It is implemented by CM-X270 module providing most of the functions, including an integrated wireless LAN (WiFi) interface. The SB-X270 carrier board providing connectors and several additional functions. The rich features set of the SBC-X270 is customizable according to the price / performance targets of the user's application.

The unique mechanical design of the SBC-X270 allows selecting between two popular form factors: either standard PC/104+ with headers, or extended PC/104+ with front panel connectors.

The SBC-X270 contains PC/104+ expansion connectors which open it to the wide range of standard peripheral cards. Furthermore, the SBC-X270 contains a electrical interface and slots for PCMCIA, CardBus and MMC/SDIO extension cards, which may be inserted and secured in the slot with no additional mechanical means, extending the system with capabilities such as a larger solid state disk, GPS or GSM modem.

  • The "SB Option" column specifies the P/N code of SB-X270 carrier board required to have the particular feature. The "CM Option" column specifies the P/N code of CM-X270 required to have the particular feature. SBC-X270 content is the combination of features provided by the attached CM-X270 and the features implemented on the SB-X270. To have the particular feature, both the CM and SB options of that feature must be implemented.
  • "+" means that the feature is always available, regardless of P/N code.

CPU, Memory and Busses

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Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

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CM-X270 is a mature product and is not recommended for new designs.
The CompuLab part number specifies all options available for a particular product.

P/N template:


Minimal configuration P/N:


Stock configuration P/N:


Optional Features

FeatureOptionsP/NcodeAdd($)MatingCM-X270P/N code
Front Panel(see description belowRemovedEmptyStandard-F0F1--10
PC/104 (local bus) drivers & connector NoYes-P-8
PC/104+ (PCI) connector (discontinued)@@@@NoYes@@@@-R@@@@-13@@@@@B@@@@@@@@
Ethernet port(s)12E1E2-7EE
LCD panel interfaceNoYes-L-8
CRT / FP Monitor interfaceNoYes-M-12
Video encoderNoYes-V-11
PC Card slots:- one PCMCIA slot- one PCMCIA and one CardBus slot (discontinued)@@@@(none)12@@@@@-C1C2@@@@@@@-1324@@@@B@@@@
Drivers for COM-B & COM-DTTLRS232-X2-4(B)
Drivers for COM-CTTLRS232RS422 & 485All-Y2Y4Y6-447
Power Supply3V5V48V-S5S48-414
Temperature rangeCommercialExtendedIndustrial-TETI-1260
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