CM-i686M Computer-On-Module

In EOL phase, see expected life time. Users are advised to consider CM-iGLX as replacement.



The CM-i686M Computer-on-Module is a tiny single board computer, designed to serve as a building block in embedded applications. The CM-i686M has all the components needed to run operating systems such as Windows, Linux or VxWorks. Ready packages for these operating systems are available from CompuLab.

The CM-i686M is both small and inexpensive. Its small size allows integration into hand-held and mobile applications, providing a powerful computing core. Its extremely low price makes it an ideal selection for cost-sensitive applications. Based on AMD’s GeodeTM processor, the CM-i686M provides excellent price/functions/performance in comparison with any other PC-compatible embedded system.

The feature set of the CM-i686M module combines a 64-bit memory architecture, Flash Disk and essential computing peripherals. For embedded applications, the CM-i686M provides a 32-bit PCI bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, general purpose I/O lines and many other essential functions.

The standardized CAMI (CompuLab’s Aggregated Module Interface) connectors allow interchangeability with other CompuLab’s Computer-on-Module’s, enabling the flexibility required in a dynamic market where application requirements can change rapidly.

Software support for the CM-i686M includes ready-to-run packages for:

* Linux
* Windows CE and XP
* VxWorks

See O/S Support Coverage Map



  • Full-featured Embedded PC on module
  • 58 x 68 mm – smaller than a credit card !
  • NS Geode CPU : x86 architecture, 266/300 MHz, 16 KB cache, FPU, MMX
  • PCI, LPC, AC97 and ISA expansion busses
  • 32 – 128 Mbyte SDRAM
  • 1 – 512 Mbyte Flash Disk
  • Graphics Controller with interface for TFT panels, NTSC/PAL TV and RGB color monitors see LCD panel support
  • Video Input port
  • Host USB ports
  • Sound codec with speaker and microphone support (optional)
  • Standard peripherals: serial ports, LPT port, I/O ports, FDC, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, IrDA, HDD interface (optional)
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet port (optional)
  • Power consumption below 5W
  • Interchangeable with other CORE modules via CAMI connectors

Geode is registered trademark of AMD Corp.


Block diagrams



CPU & Core Logic

CPU Type NS Geode SC1200 / SC2200 or SC3200+
CPU Features266 or 300 MHz, FPU, MMX, Pentium MMX instruction set+
Internal Bus64-bit, 100 MHz+
Cache 16 KB unified L1 cache, WB+
JTAG Port Available+
PC core logicDMA controller, Interrupt controller, Timers+
RTCReal Time Clock, powered by external lithium battery+
Power ManagementACPI 1.0 controller+
WatchdogInterfaces to INTR, SMI, Reset+
Memory and Busses
DRAMSDRAM 32 - 128 MB, 100 MHz, 64-bit, UMAD
NOR Flash Disk1 - 4 MbytesF
NAND Flash Disk16 - 512 Mbytes, optionalN
I/O Tolerance3.3 Volt on all lines except SIO, 5 Volt on Super-I/O lines+
External BusesPCI, LPC, ISA subset, AC97+
PCI bus32-bit, Rev 2.1 compliant, arbiter for 2 masters+
LPC busHost, 33 MHz, LPC v1.0 compatible+
ISA busMinimal essential ISA signals subset. Shared with PCI+
AC97AC97 / AMC97 Rev 2.0 compliant+
Graphics ControllerResolution up to 1280 x 1024, up to 16 bpp
Frame buffer in system memory
TFT, NTSC-M & PAL-M/B/D/G/H/I/N and RGB interface options
Frame buffer driver for STN panels with built-in controller
Video InputCCIR656 Direct Video, separate video buffer for optimal MPEGG
USB3 Host USB ports, 1.5 / 12 Mbps, OHCI v-1.0 compliant +
Serial Port (UART)16550 compatible, up to 1.5 Mbps
COM-A - RS232 full, COM-B - TTL, Rx/Tx
COM-E - TTL, Rx/Tx only, shared with IR
COM-C, COM-D - TTL, full

General Purpose I/O26 lines, shared with other functionsS
Hard Disk InterfaceIDE, UDMA-33, up to 2 devices+
LPT - Parallel Port Bi-directional with EPP mode. ESD protection and filtersS
Floppy Disk InterfaceOptions for direct interface or through parallel port (LPT)S
Keyboard InterfacePS/2 or redirection from COM portS
Mouse InterfacePS/2S
Infrared PortOne or two ports, IrDA 1.1 & Consumer IR, up to 4 Mbps+
A/D Converters6 channels, 8-bit, 0-4V input rangeS
EthernetRealtek 8139, MAC & PHY, 10/100BaseT, Activity LED'sE
Audio codecAC97 interface, mono microphone input, stereo line input and 25 mW output for active speakersA
Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Specifications [table "55" seems to be empty /]

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